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MyNewsGroups :)
is a USENET news client, based totally on a web interface, written in PHP4. It's backended with a MySQL database, which allows us to develop useful tools such as search engines, SPAM filters, subscriptions, stats, and much more.

The web interface of MyNewsGroups :) is very easy to use, and has all the
advantages of the modern webmail systems: You can search through any
news group anywhere in the world without the need of setting up any program.

MyNewsGroups :) is based on the great work of Florian Amrhein, the developer of NewsPortal. We add it the power of a MySQL database for the storation of the articles posted in the news groups. With the use of MySQL and the complete library of Floh to query the News Server, MyNewsGroups :) can store all the articles in the news groups querying the news server only ONCE.

Main Features:

- Multiple news servers support.
- Database backend. (PHPLib's database abstraction class).
- Login System (Optional).
- Search Engine.
- Article compression with Zlib.(Optional).
- Stats
- Installation Wizard.
- Web based Administration Interface.
- Subscription System.
- Save, print or send by email your favorite articles.
- New and unread messages highlighting.
- i18n. Multi Language system.
- Themeable.
- Cron Job Support.
- 'register_globals = off' compatibility.
- Optimized article downloading and indexing system.

We need a Graphic Designer !!  

MyNewsGroups :) needs a bit of art.

All of the icons of the user interface have been taken of another GPL projects, so I think that we need some new art to help MyNewsGroups :) become popular and have its own design.

If you have experience designing and creating all kind of web art (logos, icons, graphics, Flash animations...) you're a master of the Gimp, or other Propietary Design programs, please join us and help us creating the best News reader available today. Thankx in advance.

C'mon, Join us! send an email to 'txarly at users dot sourceforge dot net'.

Latest News:

Code freezes at 0.6, Development of 1.0 branch starts!
    txarly - 2003-09-22 16:58   -   MyNewsGroups :)
This week I've freezed the development of the 0.x branch of MyNewsGroups. I've planned to release the 0.6.2 version with some bug fixes and a new theme, but don't expect too much improvements and new features from this branch.

PHPFreaks.com starts using MyNewsGroups :) !
    txarly - 2003-07-10 06:56   -   MyNewsGroups :)
The popular php community site, phpfreaks.com,
has just started using MyNewsGroups :) to provide
the PHP community with all the messages posted at
MyNewsGroups :) 0.6 RC1 Private Beta Testing
    txarly - 2003-05-28 15:02   -   MyNewsGroups :)
MyNewsGroups :) is a web based news reader supported by a database backend that adds a great value to the usenet newsgroups.

The private beta of MyNewsGroups :) 0.6 RC1 is available to download:
News Server Access needed
    txarly - 2003-04-27 10:47   -   MyNewsGroups :)
Hi to all, due to some problems with testings and the demo site, my news account with news.cis.dfn.de has been terminated. I'm a bit tired of trying to find quality news server access accounts at free or 'public' servers.
MyNewsGroups :) 0.5.3 released!
    txarly - 2003-02-19 07:51   -   MyNewsGroups :)
yNewsGroups :) is a web based news reader supported by a database backend that adds a great value to the usenet newsgroups.

An automatic article expiration system has been added. The articles of all the groups or only of some groups are automatically deleted. The theme system was revised and updated. Emergency installation was added if the installation script fails. Quite a lot of bugs were also fixed.


It is easy to get in contact with the developers if you need help or
if you find bugs that need to be reported. The best way to contact us would
be through our mailing list which is actively monitored. Just send an email

'mynewsgroups-list at lists dot sourceforge dot net'

Thanks For Trying MyNewsGroups :) !

Txarly :)

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